Miriam (Myco)

A Fullstack developer with experience in a variety of different frameworks



Digital Resume

I created this digital resume using HTML, CSS and a preprocessor for CSS known as LESS.

Youtube Video Player

a picture of my Youtube app

I used a youtube api to create this web application and used material UI to style. I created it with the react framwork.

Reddit Ranker

screenshot of Reddit Ranker website

This was a team project and we had a deadline of 7 days. I used LESS, CSS, and html to create the user interface for this project.


screenshot of funbus website

This is a website I created using HTML and CSS and I utilized flexbox.


date decider website screenshot

I created this for a project Im working on. I created it using Bootstrap, CSS and HTML.

Bucket List

bucketlist app screenshot

I created some of the forms and logic on this react based app. It was created in a week with a small team of four.


sturfrying app screenshot

This is a web app I created that allows you to search for recipes based on a name or keyword. I created it using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and React.


countdown app screenshot

I created this simple web app with react. It allows you to change the date and it gives you a count down of when the date is going to occur.

Programming Quotes

countdown app screenshot

I created this simple quote fetching app to practice making a redux based React application.


Saltiest Hackers 2

salty hackers backend screenshot

I created the entire backend for this project with a database for the comments from a data science team. The goal was to make a web application that sorted comments from Hacker News by their negativity. I accomplished the backend with SQLite3, Knex, and Node.js.

Database Challenge

github repo

This was a test I took in school regarding creating a RESTful API with Knex, SQLite3, and Node.js.

Recipe RESTful API

github repo

I created this RESTful API to allow the frontend developer to make a recipe application complete with CRUD. It was created using Knex, SQLite3, and Node.js

Making Models

github repo

This is a project where I created a model for a pre-made database to fully learn how modeling in the backend with a SQLite3 database works.

Testing the Backend

github repo

I created a testing database to do several end-to-end and unit tests. I used the supertest dependency to simulate going to the different endpoints I created.

If you are interested in seeing more please consider checking out my github page!